Akiles is a high performance and quality crutch designed to improve the lives of dependant people by allowing them a better mobility.



Akiles is adjustable to any position of rotation from 10 ° (common crutch) to 90° (assisted walking) by only pushing a button. It is also height adjustable; it can be use with a heigth ranging from 550 mm to 1300mm.


This mechanism allows easy and convenient height adjustment. Furthermore this mechanism can support weights up to 130Kg.



The main materials are recycled aluminum, PA 6 + 10% GF and PP. Aluminum allows lightness and durability, PA 6 + 10% GF high performance and good finishes. PP was chosen for the low density and resistance to fatigue. TPE is also used in several components for the soft touch and durability as well as for the resistance to abrasion.










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